Tips To Determine If The Snow Is Too Much On Your Roof

Snow is a natural way of life in the winter.  When it snows it will accumulate all over your yard and deposit on your roof.  When it deposits on your roof there will be several signs to determine the snow load on roof and when it can become a serious issue.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you fight the snow on your home.


Look at the doors of your home.  The inner doors of your home will begin to stick or become hard to open if you have too much weight on your roof.  The exterior doors of your home won’t be a good indicator since they don’t bear the weight of the snow.


Look at the sheetrock in your home.  If the roof of your home has too much weight on it, the sheetrock will begin to crack and crumble.  If you see this after a storm you will need to get the snow removed ASAP.

Pulling the snow

snow load on roof

One way that you can help remove the snow is by pulling it off the roof.  This is done by tossing a rope with a heavy object onto the roof.  Once it is in the snow you will pull until it dislodges the snow.  If you do this be extremely careful.  You will want to be as far away from where the snow will fall and make sure that you work in small chunks.

Dry Roof

When done removing snow either by yourself or with a professional expecting your roof to be 100% snow clear isn’t reasonable.  The idea is to remove as much snow from your roof as possible so that the structure isn’t affected by the weight.  Over time however, the sun will melt away any remnants of the snow.