How to Care for Your Lawn in Winter

There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned winter on the east coast, but for as glorious as it may be, your lawn might think otherwise.

Don’t let your lawn suffer this winter. For proper lawn care andover there are several tips and tricks that you can do to make sure your lawn stays happy this winter.

1.    Aerate- If this word is unfamiliar to you, get to know it well. The process of aerating is used to provide extra air to the roots of your lawn. To aerate, a handheld or motorized tool with spikes is used to poke several holes throughout the lawn. This helps keep your grass fresh and alive, even during the harsh winter cold.

lawn care andover

2.    Fertilize- That’s right. You might not have thought you needed to fertilize your grass in the winter, but it is equally as important. Typically, you should use a tool that ‘shoots’ pellets onto the lawn. Be advised not to over-fertilize however, because this can burn the grass.

3.    Add ‘cool’ seeds- No, this doesn’t mean these seeds are any trendier than others. However, cool-weather or cool-season seeds are more compatible with the winter air. By sprinkling cool-weather seeds evenly over your lawn, grass may still grown in the winter, so that it survives until spring.

4.    Rake and water- the combination of raking and watering your lawn helps to keep it moist and hydrated. When raking, use the rake to break up and clumps; and use a spray nozzle to water evenly.

5.    Lower your mower- As winter approaches, it is recommended to lower the height of your mower by one or two. This will help your grass grow during winter by keeping it an average height. Grass that is too long is susceptible to freezing, and too short means you might expose the roots of the plant.