Creative Options For Your Landscaping Projects

Working on landscaping projects allows the homeowner to create an oasis for themselves and their family.  Finding Landscapers near me New City NY that have a vision and a green thumb will allow you to really get the best value for your money and a physical realization of that dream.  For those looking to add some visual appeal to your homes, here are some tips and ideas that you can use for your won creations.


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Carving out fun and winding paths in your yard will allow you a fun and unique experience as you enjoy your yards.  With brick or stone walkways that curve and move across the yard you can make your yard look bigger than it is as well as allow your visitors to have a unique surprise around every corner.

Statues and walls

Don’t just stick to flowers and trees use your creativity to create some physical structures.  Creating rock walls that form visual barriers, statues that sit in the center of a flower garden and even small sitting nooks that you can visit and view your yard are all great ideas.  When you build these structures, they will give you something visual to look at during the winter months when most of the flowers die. 


Use lighting in unique ways.  With colored lights and even motion detectable lighting you can have a fun and unique experience.  One unique way to use lighting is to have the lights change color in random patterns.  This way as you walk at night you can have different experiences.


Try to use water and other natural elements in your landscaping.  Creating a fire pit besides a man made pond or small wading pool can be a great meeting place. 

Usable spaces

When making your design, think of function just as much as form.  You want your yards to be functional.  Create a central deck outside with a fireplace or pit, a pool, game area or something that will give guests something to do.  Making your yards functional as well as beautiful will help in your design options.